These rules and regulations are issued to promote safety, to protect property and to further goodwill at Watermont Swim Club. Failure to comply with these rules and regulations shall expose club members to the possibility of suspension or expulsion from the Club.  
Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children observe rules and obey the lifeguard staff.  
The pool may be closed at any time due to mechanical breakdown, operational difficulties, or inclement weather. The decision is at the sole discretion of management.  
Members are responsible for the loss and/or damage to Club or personal property caused by the members and/or their guests.  
No Smoking within the gates of the Watermont swim club.  
No person shall use the pool unless officially opened by a licensed pool operator and a lifeguard(s) is on duty.  
Admission to Club  
1. All members must check-in before entering the pool area. 

2. The Club member must register any and all guests.

3. Guest fees shall be set yearly by the Board of Directors and will be posted

4. When a member leaves, they must ensure that their guest(s) leave(s) with them.  
To ensure the safety of our members and guests, the following shall be observed.  
1. Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible person (15 yr. or older). Under no circumstances may children under 12 years of age be left at the pool without adequate supervision. 

2. No children, on the Swim Team, may be dropped off and left unsupervised except during their age group practice time. 

3. Lifeguards are on duty to enforce rules and regulations and to respond to emergencies, but parent/guardian is ultimately responsible for the safety of their child. 

4. Parent/Guardian must closely watch children at all times. Parent/Guardian must watch their children closely whenever they are near or in the water, regardless of their age or swimming ability. 

5. Parent/Guardian must accompany a non-swimmer in the water at all times. 

6. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a member/guardian 15 years of age or older. If the child is in the large pool, the member/guardian must be in the immediate vicinity of the child. The child's parent/guardian is responsible for the child's conduct. 

7. Parent/Guardian must maintain visual contact with, and be in control of children at all times. 

8. Parent/Guardian is solely responsible for assessing and knowing their child’s swimming ability. Parent/Guardian is solely responsible for approaching manager if they feel the child’s swimming ability needs to be assessed in order to be in the water unaccompanied by a parent/guardian. 

9. Toddler Pool:

  • Parent/Guardian are responsible for their children/guests in the toddler pool at all times. 
  • The toddler pool gate must be closed at all times.
  • A responsible adult must accompany children who have not passed the swim test.
  • To ensure an unobstructed view of the pool, no towels, chairs, etc., shall be draped over or leaned against the fence surrounding the toddler pool during operating hours.
  • Chairs are permitted on the deck of the toddler pool.
  • Those who act inappropriately or jeopardize the safety of infants and toddlers will be asked to leave the toddler pool area.
  • Standing on the large sprinkler in the toddler pool is not permitted.
  • No running in the toddler pool area.
  • Rubber/plastic tubes and noodles are not allowed in the toddler pool area.
  • Children who are not toilet trained must wear swim diapers in the toddler pool.

10. For safety purposes, only a life vest approved by the United States Coast Guard is to be used. If a child uses such a life vest, a parent or guardian must accompany the child in the water at all times.

11. Children are not permitted in the lifeguard/office area.

12. Running, rough play, inappropriate or abusive language is strictly prohibited. The pool manager or assistant manager shall have the authority to suspend and/or take appropriate action (time-out) towards members for any misconduct.

13. Nerf balls, flippers and snorkels are permitted at the discretion of the lifeguards. Frisbees, noodles and rafts are not allowed. Kick-boards are permitted in the lap lane only and are for lap swimming only.

14. For the purpose of supporting non-swimmers, inner tubes, water wings, and all other flotation devices are not permitted at any time.

15 Diving rules: 

  • Headfirst diving is permitted only in the deep well area of the pool under lifeguard supervision.
  • Only one bounce is permitted on the diving board.
  • You must enter the water feet first when using the slide.
  • No flipping/diving of any kind toward the diving board. Flips are permitted only when you are flipping away from the board.
  • Twirls, cartwheels, flips and back jumps off the sides of the pool are prohibited.
  • Only one person is permitted on each of the diving board and water slide at a time. Both diving board and water slide may be used at the same time, however the next person in line for each must wait at the bottom of the respective ladder until the previous user has reached the closest deep well pool ladder or has swam under the rope marking the end of the deep well.
  • No diving permitted from the board toward the sides of the pool. 

16. In order to use the deep well and its equipment (water slide and diving board) a person must be able to swim the length of the pool unattended. Children need to take a swim test before using the deep well. Lifeguards will schedule such tests as time and lifeguard coverage permits Children who pass the swim test will be awarded a POOL PATCH (or similar recognition). Lifeguards will keep a list of all members who have passed the swim test. 

17. Any personal injuries, however slight, must be reported to the lifeguard on duty.

18. No intoxicants may be brought in, served, or permitted to be consumed on Club grounds during normal operating hours. Intoxicated persons will be denied admittance to the pool facilities. Members at the discretion of the board may have their membership to the pool suspended or revoked for possession of intoxicants on the Club grounds. 

19. Glass containers, glasses, and dishes are not permitted within the pool enclosure. 

20. Deck chairs shall not be permitted on the concrete apron surrounding the pool. 

21. Bikes should be placed in the designated area outside the fenced in pool area. 

22. Members/guests are responsible for cleaning up after themselves in all areas of the pool and picnic area (trash cans and recycle bins are provided.) 

23. Pool manager/lifeguard may clear the pool for 15 minutes of each hour for adult (18 yr. or older) swim. Splashing at pool edge is prohibited during adult swim. Children may put their feet in the pool during adult swim.

24. Tents with metal legs, "aka pop-up tents," are only permitted starting at 6pm the night before home swim meets for the duration of the swim meet. When in use for the swim meet, tents must be properly weighted or staked. Beach tents with non-metal stakes are permitted behind the line of umbrellas, so as not to obstruct views of the pool.


1. No pets allowed anywhere on the Club property. 

2. All bathers must shower before entering the pool. 

3. No member or guest shall knowingly enter the pool while suffering from open wounds or infectious disease. 

4. Children not toilet-trained will only be permitted in the pool when wearing approved Swim diapers (no disposable diapers or any other type of diapers will be permitted.) See guard to purchase aswim diaper. 

5. No food, beverage, gum or candy are permitted in the pools or at the edge of the pools. Any food or beverage that is spilled should be cleaned up immediately by the member/guest. 

6. Proper swim attire is required to swim in the pool. Cut-offs, Bermuda shorts, and street clothes are prohibited in the pool.  
1. Pool hours shall be set by the Board of Directors and will be posted. 

2. The pool shall be closed during inclement weather or maintenance problems involving health and safety as determined by the pool manager. Whenever possible, advance notice shall be given. 

3. In order to protect property rights of those properties adjoining the Club property, access to the Club may only be gained via Bellanca Drive. All other avenues of egress are expressly prohibited since they would potentially violate, either directly or indirectly, the property rights of others. 

4. Cooking fires are expressly prohibited on the Club grounds except in those areas specifically designated for that purpose. 

5. Swim lessons and Swim Team practice hours will be posted. 

6. Swim lessons will only be given by current paid employees of Watermont Swim Club who are qualified to teach (Red Cross certified, WSI certified, or Pool Operator certified) and will be selected by the Board of Directors. Resumes of swim instructors will be kept on file at the pool.